The debut horror novel from Jonathan Wheatley Lucas, on the hunt from his own body, finds himself waking in a new one every day for nearly two months. To make matters worse, his new friend Bug has vanished, and he is puzzled on research about myths and legends of Westford, found on a computer of a stranger he is trapped inside. A group of teenagers find a mysterious message, and follow it to the ancient Priory where they witness a long-forgotten evil. They will have to join together to battle an evil older than time and fulfill a thousand-year-old promise. A contemporary horror akin to Stranger Things and IT, the Priory is an English horror adventure story that will leave readers twisted.
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Evan Strauss was once a decorated police officer but left after his beloved wife was murdered. Now a bounty hunter, Strauss rules the streets while taking down the scum of the criminal underworld for profit. Months go by, and a mysterious vigilante emerges to tackle the criminals, stealing Strauss' potential revenue. As the vigilante becomes a wanted entity by law enforcement, the criminal world also becomes eager to take him down as well. 
An angered Strauss meets a drug-lord who promises an under-the-table reward to capture the vigilante. Strauss accepts unbeknownst of the connection between the drug lord and his wife's murder.

"The greatest prison break of the century!" That's the way Claire Dodson had put it. It was the only way she could get back to Earth and clear her name after being framed for the murder of the President and his family. She was no angel, though, and her actions may have led her to the position of being framed, but none of that mattered to her. She was innocent and didn't deserve to die within Sonne Graol, the prison of the sun. A high tech facility built to inhabit the sun with a ten-day time limit for the prisoners before their set execution, death by the power of the sun. Ten days however is enough time for Claire to plot her escape. She was driven to return to Earth and seek vengeance against her former allies, who framed her in one of the most disgusting crimes in history.
Candy makes the PonPon Bunnies sweet. Be careful if they’re angry. And watch out for traps! These are the dangers of competing in the Carnival Panic game show, a ruthless competition that tests the chosen competitors with mental and physical struggles. In order to claim the substantial monetary prize, the winner must solve a series of room puzzles and succeed in entertaining the fickle masses.
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